Masonic Family

Utah Masonic Family

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Utah Symbolic Lodge

Grand Lodge of Utah

Rocky Mountain Masonic Conference

George Washington National Masonic Memorial

Conference of Grand Masters of North America


PHA Symbolic Lodge (Blue House)

PHA Grand Lodge of Colorado

Mount Ogden Lodge № 20

Conference of Grand Masters Prince Hall Affiliate


Regularity and Recognition

The Commission on Information for Regularity and Recognition

The Phylaxis Society Standards of Regularity

The Phylaxis Society Commission on Bogus Masonry

Standards on recognition

United Grand Lodge of England Recognition of Foreign Grand Lodges

List of Grand Lodges

List of Lodges

Utah Constituent Symbolic Lodges

Locate a Lodge

Utah Appendant Bodies

Keystone Mark Masters Lodge № 00

York Rite

Scottish Rite

Utah Scots Guard



El Kalah Shriners


Adoptive Rites:

Order of the Eastern Star


Masonic Ladies: 

Social Order of the Beauceant

Ladies of the Oriental Shrine

Daughters of the Nile


Youth Organizations:

Young Men (12-20):  DeMolay

Young Women (10-21): Jobs Daughters


Masonic Bodies for those who Serve: 

National Sojourners


Invitational Bodies: 




Red Cross of Constantine

York Rite Sovereign College

Masonic Week


Note: While not affiliated with nor officially endorsed by the Grand Lodge of Utah, the following websites are informative and noteworthy sites.

Research and Education: 

Quatuor Coronati Lodge № 2076

Masonic Service Association of North America

The Masonic Society

The Philalethes Society

Research Lodges

Paul M. Bessel

Lodge of Education

Pietre Stones Review

The Masonic Trowel

Masonic World


The Setting Maul

The Craftsmen

Masonic Central

After Lodge

The Winding Stairs

Whence Came You?

The Masonic Roundtable

The Life Masonic

The Tylers Place

In the Chair

Masonic Lite

Golden Spike Lodge № 6 F&AM of Utah 

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Most Worshipful Grand Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons of Utah 


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