Hiram Award


Hiram Award Program

To participate in the Hiram Award Program, and nominate a worthy Brother of this Lodge, just click on the image below:

Grand Lodge of Utah Hiram Award
In 1983, Most Worshipful Brother Curtis N. Lancaster appointed a committee to develop a Hiram Award based on the program adopted by the Grand Lodge of California. The committee presented a set of rules, requirements, along with a certificate and pin design that were accepted by Grand Lodge in 1984. During 1984 the first awards were presented.

This program will provide a special and meaningful technique for a Lodge to distinguish a deserving Brother who may otherwise go publicly unnoticed.” – M.W. Brother Curtis N. Lancaster, Grand Lodge Annual Proceedings 1984

Hiram Award Recipients



Darrell W. Anderson    Weber Lodge № 6


James H. Tooley                  Weber Lodge № 6


Alan E Goodwill                  George Washington Lodge № 24

Loyd R. Yeaton                  Weber Lodge № 6


James L. Murphy, PGM                   Weber Lodge № 6


Charles W. Steinberg, PM               Weber Lodge № 6


Daniel L. Grigsby, PM         Weber Lodge № 6


Wayne A. Marriot, PM          Golden Spike Lodge № 6

Maurice Nelson, PM           George Washington Lodge № 24


Charles M. Swindler             Golden Spike Lodge № 6


Perfecto Vigil, PM                Golden Spike Lodge № 6


Claude McMillen, PM           Golden Spike Lodge № 6


James L. Sweet, PM           Golden Spike Lodge № 6




   John D. Prater Award   









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