Masonic Hall of Fame Award

The Masonic Hall of Fame Award

To participate in the Masonic Hall of Fame Award Program, and nominate a worthy Man or Woman, just click on the image below:

The Masonic Hall of Fame Award was designed by the Grand Lodge Utah to enable our Lodge to recognize outstanding non-Masons who have distinguished themselves through their dedication and service to:

  • the community,
  • the local, state or national government,
  • their house of worship,
  • or to humanity.

Thus, the award is presented to individuals who, although having never been initiated into Masonry, live their lives according to the same precepts, tenets, values, principles, and standards espoused by Freemasonry.

The Masonic Hall of Fame Award is not necessarily designed to be given only to the obvious leaders of the community, those in the limelight, although they certainly must be considered.  Often times the award is bestowed upon a man or woman who, year in and year out, quietly and without fanfare; show their devotion to their community and its people without the expectation of awards or honors.

The Masonic Hall of Fame Award Recipients:

WSU Professor Mr. John H. Knight, Jr. – “a man with a servant’s heart” – January 18, 2002


Mr. Earl Harold Heninger– a true hero in this community. – February 17, 2007



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