Masonic Rookie Award Program

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Grand Lodge of Utah Masonic Rookie Award
The Grand Lodge of Masons of Utah is pleased to announce our new “Masonic Rookie Award” as part of a new, focused commitment to membership engagement and getting our new members involved in their respective blue lodges.

Criteria for Earning Utah’s Masonic Rookie Award
Eleven items must be accomplished within the first year after being raised:


  1. Attend the conferral of each blue lodge degree at least once, by your own or another lodge
  2. Attend at least one stated or special meeting of another lodge
  3. Attend at least seven stated or special communications of the lodge
  4. Work on at least one lodge / building association social activity or fund raising event
  5. Assist lodge officers at least once in setting up the lodge room and preparing / serving the lodge dinner or collation

Alternates (choose six of the following):

  1. Sponsor at least one candidate into your own or another lodge
  2. Participate in the conferral of a blue lodge degree or the delivery of the candidate charge
  3. Work on a lodge open house or fellowship night
  4. Organize or work on one lodge public service event
  5. Attend school of instruction
  6. Attend a Masonic memorial service
  7. Serve on at least one committee of inquiry
  8. Assist or visit a non-related shut in / hospitalized lodge brother or widow
  9. Attend a meeting of a Masonic building association
  10. Submit a Masonic or lodge related article for publication in a lodge newsletter
  11. Attend an educational program sponsored by the Grand Lodge of Utah
  12. Join with other Masons in a Masonic activity approved in advance by the Grand Master

The future of our fraternity and our ability to continue to grow our membership is highly dependent on being able to engage and integrate our new members into the activities of the lodge. When new members become involved and active in their respective lodges they become the best prospects for new candidates for that lodge.

The Master Mason Rookie Award is an official means by which we can achieve these membership goals. Attached is a checklist for the Master Mason Rookie Award. Once it has been completed and signed off by the Master of the lodge, it is to be submitted by the Lodge Secretary to the Grand Secretary and the Grand Master for his review and approval. Once approved, the recipient can receive his award (Grand Lodge Certificate signed by the Grand Master and affixed with the Grand Lodge seal and Master Mason Rookie Award lapel pin).

Rookie Award Program Award Recipients





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