Ritual Proficiency

Ritual Proficiency Program

To participate in the Ritual Proficiency Program, just click on the image below:

Utah Ritual Proficiency Program
The primary intent of the Ritual Proficiency Program is to create a culture for the Lodges to be self sufficient in the Utah Standard Work. It has several other benefits including a form of recognition for all of the brethren in the craft, create a resource to assist the smaller Lodges, create a desire in new Masons to become proficient, prepare brethren for officer positions and help current Officers to become ready to move up the officer line and fill in when the need arises. There is no doubt that this program will provide many other benefits throughout this jurisdiction.

The Masters of the Lodges should promote this program as a means to strengthen their Lodge. It should be encouraged among the newer members, not only to prepare them for future Officer Positions but to help create a sense of purpose and a real feeling that they are needed by the Lodge. It could help them begin the fulfilling journey into ritual work that so many of us enjoy. This program may also help with retention of members especially when the participating brethren are used to give lectures, to fill in when presiding officers are absent or to help with the coaching of newer members. By generating a positive atmosphere among the newer members, this could possibility increase their desire to become more active and to attract prospective members.

The full list of points is on the down loadable form, basically, as you become proficient in the standard work and lectures, points are earned towards the three levels of proficiency. Pins are shown below.

Recipients of the Ritualist Pin

The Ritualist
Brethren who have earned 1600 points and received the first pin, “The Ritualist”:





Recipients of the Senior Ritualist Pin

Brethren who hSenior Ritualistave earned 3200 points and received the second pin, “The Senior Ritualist”:







Recipients of the Master Ritualist Pin

Brethren who hMaster Ritualistave earned 4800 points and received the Third and final pin, “The Master Ritualist”:







  • Note: Those who have earned the “The Master Ritualist” pin meet one of the major requirements to be eligible to be installed as Worshipful Master of a Lodge.





 The Golden Hammer  



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