Pillars of the Community

Dedicated to those who have served Freemasonry through their time in service to Golden Spike Lodge № 6 F. & A. M. of Utah, and the community we reside in; as well as those who have embodied to principles and tenets of the fraternity, although have not become a Freemason.


To learn more about the history of Golden Spike Lodge № 6 F. & A. M. of Utah; or to discover more about the men who have presided over this Lodge click on the Hyperlinks [Highlighted text] below:



Our History

Past Masters

Past Grand Masters

Lodge Programs

To learn more about the programs supported by Golden Spike Lodge № 6 F. & A. M. of Utah, or as a member, to participate in these Lodge Programs, click on the image below:


Masonic Hall of Fame Award

The Golden Hammer Award

Masonic Rookie Award

Ritualist Proficiency Program

Hiram Award

John D Prater Award

The Traveling Gavel

Master Builder Award

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